Braille Flash Cards

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Here's a great way to learn to read Braille and reinforce your skills as often as you like! The over one hundred flash cards in this one-of-a-kind set are guaranteed to make mastery of the Braille alphabet truly a breeze. At the top of each card; you'll find the letter or word embossed in large; raised-print; and below this is the Braille equivalent. Included are cards to teach the capital and small letters; numbers; and punctuation marks. Perhaps best of all; we've also thrown in over two dozen common words (such as Braille; salt; pepper and America) for you to practice reading; so you can really get a feel for using Braille in everyday situations. Whether you yourself want to learn Braille; or know someone who's new to reading by touch; this set of flash cards is just what you need!



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