Brocato Back to the Beach Texturizing Mist by Beautopia Hair: Texture & Volume Hair Styling Spray for Women - 4 oz

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VOLUMIZING MIST Take your hair from flat and lifeless to beautiful and full of body with Brocato's Back to the Beach Texturizing Mist! A few sprays will amp up your hair's volume and give you a gorgeous natural look for any occasion or day of the week. This will be THE one styling spray you can't live without! PERFECT TEXTURIZER Styling your hair has never been easier or led to such an attractive look. You can effortlessly create stunning waves or a sexy and messy updo. Want the flowy, wind-swept locks women on TV always seem to haveOur texturizing mist makes it a breeze! SEXY BEACH HAIR One of the most appealing hairstyles out there is the fun and playful yet devastatingly sexy beach hair look. Now you can mimic the style even if you're not anywhere near the shore! Our spray provides the unique texture your hair achieves after spending the day relaxing in the sun and going in and out of the water. It even offers UV protection from the environment to preserve the health of every single strand! FINISH YOUR LOOK We recommend spraying the mist on dry hair and then styling with your favorite heat styling tool. For even more texture and wilder styles, apply to slightly damp hair before blow drying and styling. To get that sexy beach hair effect, simply spray, scrunch your hair by hand and blow dry or let it dry naturally. Concentrate the mist at your scalp for increased texture, and direct the spray to the middle or end of the shaft for more waves. 4 OUNCE BOTTLES The Brocato Back to the Beach Texturizing Mist comes in travel friendly 4 ounce bottles. We invite you to choose a single bottle or stock up with a 2 pack to ensure you don't run out anytime soon! -Brocato Back to the Beach Texturizing Mist -Adds Gorgeous Texture and Volume -Creates Windswept and Sexy Beach Hair -4 oz -Available in a Single Bottle or 2-Pack


VOLUMIZING MIST: Boost your hair's body to enjoy a wavy beachy style or a relaxed, messy updo | PERFECT TEXTURIZER: Create artful waves and loose curls or add whatever unique texture you want | SEXY BEACH HAIR: Get beautifully tousled, windswept hair that looks like you just left the beach | FINISH YOUR LOOK: Spray on dry or slightly damp hair and then use your favorite heat styling tools | 4 OUNCE BOTTLES: Grab a single 4 oz bottle of our texturing volumizer or stock up with a 2-pack









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