Brocato Cloud 9 Restoring Conditioner by Beautopia Hair: Miracle Repair Moisturizing & Revitalizing Rinse Out Conditioner - 5.25 oz

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DEEP REPAIRING & MOISTURIZING Brocato's Cloud 9 Restoring Conditioner by Beautopia Hair strengthens and protects all types of hair while leaving behind a smooth, sleek look that lasts. After washing with Cloud 9 Restoring Shampoo, follow up with our Cloud 9 Restoring Rinse-Out Conditioner to nourish, strengthen, and restore weak, damaged, vulnerable strands to beautiful condtion. Our products are paraben and sulfate free as well as color safe. Pick up a 3, 5.25, or 32 ounce bottle today! SOFTER FEEL Fortified with a carefully crafted blend of nutrients, this conditioner works deep to smooth, strengthen and detangle. Frizzy, wild hair will become smooth, soft and manageable. You won't be able to stop running your fingers through it! SMOOTH AND SLEEK The secret behind your silky new hair is a protein called Hydrolyzed Keratin. Not only does it tame frustrating flyaways and control volume, it also helps the conditioner to rinse completely from your hair. No heavy residue will be left behind! BRILLIANT SHINE Want the sleek, sexy hair of the women you see on your TV and movie screens? Our formula's rich Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Sunflower Seed Extract improves your hair health and gives each lock a glossy look, breathing new life into once dull, lifeless hair. SOFTER FEEL Cloud 9 Restoring Conditioner includes our exclusive Miracle Repair Complex, a special blend of healing nutrients, fortifying plant proteins, and UV protectants to enhance all hair types. Yours will look and feel better than ever! -Brocato Cloud 9 Restoring Conditioner -Paraben/Sulfate Free and Color Safe -5.25 oz



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