Broda Skincare Water-Based Salicylic Acid Acne Spot Treatment For Moderate To Severe Acne, Advanced Acne Gel Developed For All Skin Types, Fade Dark Spots and Scars, 1.4 Ounces

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Broda skincare acne system is a revolutionary anti-acne formula developed with patented IntelliGel delivery technology. The products are specially formulated with 2% salicylic acid (beta hydroxyl acid) in a water-based, alcohol-free, clear and transparent hydrogel with sustained release. It forms a hydrating invisible patch without drying, peeling or flaking, and is very effective in reducing blemishes, soothing inflammation, and accelerating skin's clarifying process without irritation even for sensitive skin. The IntelliGel delivery system enhances product efficacy and makes the product safer, milder and highly effective. At the same time, it avoids possible skin irritation, dryness, and sensitization caused by the presence of large amounts of alcohol or harsh chemicals compared to other product formulations on the market. Rich in powerful supramolecular beta hydroxy acid complexes, Broda skincare acne system clears up clogged pores and dead skin cells. After application, the skin feels refreshed, moist, and relaxed with pores constricting. Your skin will be smoother, suppler & brighter with a healthy glow & radiance so you can look your best!


EFFECTIVE AGAINST VARIOUS ACNE TYPES - Effective against cystic acne and begins clearing most acne pimples (including blackheads & whiteheads) with visible results within just a few hours. Our patented formula penetrates the skin and unclogs pores, removing the dead skin cells in order for new ones to grow. For more severe acne, best results are seen after consistent usage. | PATENTED FORMULA - Broda anti-acne IntelliGel is a revolutionary anti-acne product developed with unique breakthrough patented supramolecular hydrogel delivery technology that fights off existing acne while simultaneously providing additional skin care benefits. The IntelliGel delivery system functions by solubilizing water insoluble or sparely soluble active ingredients and stabilizing them in water, making the products safer, milder and more effective than traditional acne clearing products. | FADES DARK SPOTS, HEALS SCARRING, AND SMOOTHS SKIN - The regenerative properties of our Intelligel not only treats acne, but also smooths uneven skin and fades dark spots. During application, your skin will experience heightened cell growth, causing pores to shrink and constrict. As a result, dark spots will fade away and uneven patches of skin will smooth out. Additionally, our gel has proven effective against a wide variety of scar tissue because of its regenerative properties. | GENTLE ON SKIN AND WON'T CAUSE OVER-REDNESS OR DRYNESS - Our water-based and alcohol-free IntelliGel technology provides anti-inflammatory properties that won't over irritate the skin. Instead, you'll experience a soothing sensation as your pores unclog. On top of this, our clear and unscented gel will not show after application, making it convenient to put on anytime and anywhere. | IN SHORT - Broda is dedicated to providing high-quality skin care solutions at an affordable price - this is a highly effective anti-acne product worth trying out if you are looking for skin remedies or wish to prevent future breakouts.









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