Buzzy DistrACTION Cards (4 Pack Assorted) Plus Needle Pain Relief Education

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Four assorted collectible series will be included with your purchase from our 5 available series: "Monkeys", "Cows", "FairyTales", "Frogs", or "Robots". Our award-winning collectible cards are designed to fit in a pocket or clip to a badge or backpack. Also included: Needle Pain Relief Education (4 Cards - "Magic Tricks For Needle Sticks", "7 Secrets For Shots", "Advanced Needle Fear Solutions", and "Improving Infant Immunizations"). Each set is 5 cards on a snap ring. Each card has multiple age-appropriate games and finding tasks. When waiting in line or in the waiting room, DistrACTION Cards give parent & child something fun to do. Distraction is scientifically proven to reduce pain by up to 50%. These cards are so effective, they're used in hospitals to pull attention away from painful procedures, so they're a huge breakthrough for home first aid. Sample Questions from Monkeys card: How many monkeys are touching the bedHow many monkeys have eyebrowsSample tasks from Cows card: Find the cow with the yellow tail. Find a heart, spade, club, and diamond. Sample questions from FairyTales card: How many spots are on the mushroom houseHow many flowers can you countSample questions from Frogs card: How many frogs are singingCan you tell me a story about the royal frog?


| Portable games, distraction at your fingertips. | Use at home, doctor's office, waiting in line, anywhere! | Take the sting out of first-aid at home. | Reduce pain and anxiety.









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