Bwaah Air Horn Sound Button - Makes Loud DJ Hip Hop Air Horn Sound Effect - Batteries Included - Hockey and Soccer Goal Buzzer Noise Maker - Hype The Office with Funny Airhorn Effects Machine Nut

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The Bwaah Button - Have that obnoxiously fun iconic air horn sound effect at your fingertips Just push the button and it will instantly make the noise you have come to know and love. Better yet, press the button repeatedly without delay for extra bwaah air horn noises! The benefits of buying this button instead of the others: It is the loudest, most obnoxious air horn button on the market Cooler, more stylish logo and design It has an upgraded metal speaker that won break anytime soon like reported with other buttons Shorter springs inside the button enable you to rapidly press it even faster We provide a manufacturer guarantee. If you have any troubles with your button just contact us on the details provided inside the box and we will make it right for you Whether you want to get everyone psyched or just love annoying your colleagues or friends, this button is right for you! Ensure the home and office will no longer be a place of boredom and monotony by ADDING TO YOUR CART TODAY


WATCH OUR PRODUCT VIDEO BELOW THE PHOTOS - Need some excitement? Want to hype up the office as loudly and obnoxiously as possible? Look no further than this epic hip hop air horn button; Push and it instantly plays that iconic noise made famous in many songs and videos; Better yet, the batteries are included | LOUDEST BUTTON - This button contains an upgraded speaker for maximum volume making it extra loud; You would have to be a nut not to pick this one | MORE DURABLE - Other buttons contain cheap plastic speakers that can easily concave and go quiet leaving you with a lacklustre air horn noise; This is not the case with The Bwaah! Button; Our speakers are made of metal making them not only louder but also extra durable; It won’t let you down by breaking and going quiet | SPAM THE BUTTON EVEN FASTER - The Bwaah! Button has been designed with shorter springs inside so you can rapidly push the button; So now you can psych up the home or office with extra speed and efficiency | MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE - We take our buttons seriously; If you have any issues after purchase just contact us on the details provided in the box and we will make it right for you

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