Candure Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors/Shears (6 Inch) for Hairdressing

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Top Quality Scissors :

The CANDURE hair scissors are made of Top Quality and have made to last for lifetime while giving you the same razor sharpness cuts since the first use.
These hair cutting scissors have blades which are convex from outside and concave from inside, which give maximum razor-sharpness and durability.
The precision ground blades give you a professional cut.
These hair shears can be used for wet as well as dry hair.
Ideal to use in the salon by professional barbers and for households as well.

The hair scissors professionall made comes 6 Inch in length.

Christmas Gift Set:

Candure Hair Scissors can be used as christmas gift set for your loved ones. Its beautiful leather packaging makes it an ideal choice for your special occasions.


This shears comes with inserts for those who have thin fingers for extra comfort whilst cutting hair.
1 x Traveling, Safety Case.
CANDURE Customer Care :

Put your trust in CANDURE and meanwhile taking good care of your shears is essential, because placing the blades on other metal will blunt the shears blades.
CANDURE Scissors give you the best results in sharpness, quality and it is worth of spending money with CANDURE for these scissors.


100% Stainless Steel is used for high quality and durability | Hand-crafted blades provide optimum control and balance | Non-slip finger inserts ensure comfort grip | Features super-sharp blades that can easily trim hair | Quality construction for a clean cut, every time









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