CCbeauty Professional Face Paint Oil 24 Colors Halloween Body Art Party Fancy Make Up with 6 Wooden Brushes

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Sobre el producto Face & Body Paint; F cil de llevar. 100% nuevo y de alta calidad. Mejor para crear Crazy looks.Como Fun Fiesta tem tica, Fancy Dress, Halloween, carnaval, fiesta,; pintura de grasa es de tipo Face Base Aceite pintura, no uno de agua. La cara de aceite pintura es lavar f cilmente apagado con aceite de oliva o profesional impermeable maquillaje Remover. El limpiador de cepillos o esponjas profesional de la necesidad de utilizar pintura al leo para lavar apagado, el agua es unavialable. 12 colores; L W H: 15,6 x 5,3 x 1.9 cm paquete incluye: 1 x 12 colores de Flash Case Nota: Todas las bandejas pueden no ser exactamente same Cantidad a veces a causa de la p rdida de color diferente despu s de solidification y todos son fabricado por mano. Es inevitable, por favor, comprenda. Si usted no est satisfecho, por favor, si ntase ltima intervensi n para volver a nosotros y estamos dispuestos a frente.


Face & Body Paint ;This is oil-based painting palette, NOT water-based and it's easy to apply. ( cause this product is oil-based, it need more time to dry,suggest using some setting powder) | Detected by MSDS:Non Toxic Face Paint kit. Our face paints are safe superior cosmetic grade make up; All cosmetics we advise that a small skin patch test is done before applying as everyone's skin is different. | Best for Creating Crazy Looks!Such as Fun Themed Party, Fancy Dress, Halloween, Carnivals,Fiesta;Easy to wear | 24 Colors Palette;L W H:15.6x5.3x1.9cm;Package Includes:2 X 12 Flash Colours Case;6 Wooden brush:18-20CM | NOTE: All trays may not be exactly same amount sometimes because of the loss of different color after solidification and they are all made by hand. It is UNAVOIDABLE ,please understand.

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