Chew Necklace for Sensory Boys Kids Adults, Silicone Tractor Chewy Pendant Jewelry for Autism Teething Biting Chewing ADHD Needs, Oral Motor Aide Sturdy Baby Nursing Chewable Necklace for Anxiety

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Do you have a baby that needs something to soothe his molar painDoes your child need to chew to help relieve some stress and anxietyThe sensory chew necklace by KongNai might have been built for you! The Reason For Choosing KongNai: - Safety is our first Priority. All KongNai chewing necklace are made of 100% food grade silicone. No BPA, no lead, phthalates or other harmful substances. - You can be sure that our teething necklace are free from all nasty chemicals and perfectly safe for babies and toddlers to put straight in their mouth. - Our silicone nursing chewy necklace dedicated to solve the problem of infants and young children teething, both fashion and safety. - All chew necklace for kids feature a breakaway clasp as an added safety feature, so that your little one won't tug on your neck. - As a chewing pendant, our chewelry jewelry necklace can reduces teething pain. It also helps to pacify your baby sensitive gums so you get to enjoy his adorable smile so much more. Your Satisfaction Is Our Ultimate Goal. If you have any question about the chewable necklace, please feel free to contact us, we will help you as soon as possible. Safety Information - This chews pendant is not designed for kids that may tear pieces off of the chewy necklace. Although not meant for aggressive chewing. - All users must be under constant and direct supervision of an adult at all times while the chew necklace is in use. - You can use Dishwasher (top-rack) to clean and sanitize before first use. - Since there is no chew tool is indestructible, please check often and replace if the chewing necklace is showing signs of wear and tear.


SAFE MATERIAL - 100% Food grade silicone chew pendant necklace for toddler kids, BPA free, phthalate free, lead free. | EASY TO CLEAN - Chewy necklace extra tough is easy to clean in the dishwasher or by hand wash/rinse with just water. Freezer safe, A Best Baby Shower Gift. | DISCREET AND STYLISH DESIGN - Breakaway clasp for safety. Cute tractor sensory oral motor aides easy to grab, not stuck in throat, can stand up to rough chewing. If your little one is a aggressive chewer, we suggest you choose this one, it is durable enough for strong chewers. | VERSATILE DESIGN - Truck Silicone chewing necklace is the perfect natural way to calm & improve focus for anxiety, autism, ADHD, SPD or hand fidgeters. The soft chewable necklace soothes the pain of teething, it keeps your infant distracted and engaged while in your arms. | KongNai sensory necklace for kids have many different style, stars and beads, car, tractor and others, Diverts chewing from fingers and clothing, Help your kids boosts confidence and reduces anxiety.







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