Child Car Seat Protector Makes Cleaning Up Your Car Easier! Thick Padding Preserves Upholstery to Retain Value of Vehicle! Included Kick Mat Organizer Allows Easy Access to Baby Items!(Single, Black)

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Are you the type of parent or grandparent that wants their vehicle looking clean, but you don't have a lot of time to do it

The Mess Manager Seat Protector and Kick Mat from Happy Healthy Parent allows you the joy of having kids in the car without worrying about all of the mess and damage to the seats!

When you have children in the car, that means you have booster seats wearing on the upholstery or leather, and a general mess that is just hard to manage. This seat protector with kick mat combo keeps your vehicle in better condition!

Works great for rear-facing AND forward-facing arrangements! - Seat protector has full coverage against footprints on your automobile's seat and the kick mat provides protection from shoes of forward-facing children!

Keep the things your child needs handy in the mesh pockets! - Store items in the top of the kick mat or bottom of the seat protector eliminating clutter on your vehicle's floor!

You will get our LIFETIME GUARANTEE because we are confident that you are going to love our Mess Manager Seat Protector and Kick Mat.

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SPEND LESS TIME CLEANING YOUR VEHICLE! - Nobody enjoys cleaning spills and crumbs made by kids in the car, but this seat protector and kick mat are easily removable and can be quickly wiped clean! | MANAGE THE MESS! - Organizational pockets on both the car seat protector and kick mat provide a place to store items for your baby, toddler, and older child! | RETAIN THE VALUE OF YOUR VEHICLE! - Inevitable stains, impressions, and wear on vehicle seats make cars look older and less valuable, but this thickly padded protector combo keeps things looking new! | GREAT FOR REAR- AND FORWARD-FACING SETUPS! -Tall back seat protector catches dirt from a rear-facing toddler's shoes and the included kick mat keeps pre-schoolers from dirtying the seat back! | LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! - Your vehicle's leather or upholstery will stay cleaner and in better condition or Happy Healthy Parent will refund your purchase!









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