Children Stylish Cute Glasses Frame Without Lenses Pack of 3

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Maybe your child needs a gisguised funny glasses to play with her or his friends at their birthday, Halloween or Christmas party. Maybe your kids' greatest willingness is to have a pair of glasses like yours. This glasses (3 pack of different shapes and color) may be the best choice. You can just wear them as an accessory. It's lightweight for portable wear and carry. Features: Classic shapes of square (1 pair). Fashion round shapes glasses with star decoriteved (2 pairs). No lenses won't do harm to children's eyes . Lightweight good for fun. Only 12g - 14g each pair. 3 kind of colorful glasses frame good to choosing for different places or dress up. Funny glasses is made from top-class material, characteristic design and comfortable texture. Package Including: ( 3 Pack ) 1 x square shape eyeglass 2 x round shape eyeglass


(1) Fashion Glasses suitable for kids, teens, boy or girl, great for parties, dress up, or Just for Fun. Non-RX (non-prescription) for fashion use. | (2) Kid's Eyeglasses comes without lenses won't do harm to children's eyes as radiation. Children's size plastic glasses frame, Sturdy structure for durable use. Not easy to break. | (3) 3 colorful glasses frame for kids, cute and beautiful, great choice for gift of casual and costume. | (4) Light wight: only 12g -- 14g . Flexible movement of eyeglass earpiece. smooth bow and frame good for comfortable wearing. | (5) Note: The glasses fit most 3-10 year old kids but it depends on the size of the kids. For more accuracy, please refer to the frame size.









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