CifToys Cashier Toy Cash Register Playset | Pretend Play Set for Kids | Colorful Children’s Supermarket Checkout Toy with Microphone & Sounds | Ideal Gift for Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

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Did You Know Your Kid Could Develop Basic Math & Money Skills While Having FunLooking for a fun, exciting and educational toy for your pre-schoolerWant to help your grade-schooler develop basic math skills while playingSearching for the perfect gift for your children, grandchildren, nephew or nieceIntroducing The CifToys Ultimate Cash Register Toys Set For Aspiring Little Businessmen & Businesswomen! Now you can finally offer your pre-schooler an amazing and fully functional cash register which comes with all the necessary accessories, just like a real business! Designed with an eye for detail, our cash register toy isn only eye-catching and colorful, but also skin-safe and hypoallergenic! Cash In On Your Love & Help Your Kid Develop Basic Skills! Now you can bond over a safe and educational toy which will help your pre-schooler: Develop Basic Math Skills Start Learning About Money Improve Social Skills Have Endless Hours of Fun! Everything You Need To Open Up Shop Is Included! 1 x Working Calculator -your toddler can learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide effortlessly 1 x Voice Microphone -for making fun announcements and developing social skills 1 x Credit Card Swipe -plastic money is everywhere! Even in pretend-stores! 1 x Moving Conveyor Belt -for happy customers! This Cash Register is The Real Deal! Our elite cash register makes a eepsound every time a button is pressed while the drawer makes the iconic sound every time your pre-schooler opens it! Can You Afford To Miss Out On This ChanceStart Having Fun Today!


HELP YOUR KIDS LEARN WHILE PLAYING!–Looking for a fun, exciting and educational toy for yourtoddler or pre-schooler? Now youcan teach them all about money, how to count and even develop their communication skills with the CifToys adorable cashier play set! Best gift toys for 3 year old boys and girls. | DEVELOP BASIC MATH SKILLS FROM AN EARLY AGE!–Is your child too bored to learn how to count? With our eye-catching and super-cute cash register toy,your toddler will love to add, subtract, divide and multiply, since our fully functional calculator will make a delightful “beep” sound every time a button is pressed! | SET UP THE CUTEST LITTLE GROCERY STORE!–You don’thave to buy anythingelse in order to help your pre-schooler open up shop in your living room! The CifToys pretend play supermarket checkout set includes a conveyor belt, a credit card scanner, a microphone, a grocery basket and fake money! | SPEND ENDLESS HOURS OF SUPERMARKET FUN WITH YOUR KIDS!–The CifToys fun and comprehensive cash register playset isnot only durable and safe, but will also keep your toddler, pre-schooler or grade-schooler engaged and occupied for hours! You can spend quality time with your kids and reinforce your special bond! | 00% CASH REGISTER FUN OR YOURMONEYBACK!–Ourincredible educational cashier checkout toy set comes with our hassle-free full refund guarantee! If your toddler isn’tabsolutely thrilled with the CifToys cash register playset, you will receive a prompt and full refund! What are you waiting for? Let the fun begin!

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