Click N' Play Remote Control Dinosaur Highly Intelligent Fire Breathing Dinosaur Robot with Loads of Features, Programmable, Entertains, Sings, Dances, Shoots Arrows, Askes Riddles Etc

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Super fun, highly intelligent, interactive, remote control dinosaur robot with a variety of cool features control the dinosaur RC T into combat position and then press 'fire' And he will launch mini foam rockets from his back at incredible speed. Watch out! The robot can breath fire (steam) from its mouth! Refill the water storage when necessary. It also can talk, walk, fires and even dances! When finished firing all his ammo, collect them and pop them back in the chamber for more action. The RC dinosaur is programmable so you can wow your friends and family as he interacts and fires on his own. This RC robot requires 4x AA batteries 2 for the robot and 2 for the remote which are not included.


Highly intelligent RC fire breathing dinosaur made of durable high quality, safe tested ABS material. | Fun and intelligent! The Dragon can breath fire (steam) from its mouth it also can sing, dance, shoot arrows, ask math riddles or test your knowledge. | Programmable! You can pre-programmed all the movements you want him to make. | Operates on 4 AA batteries, 2 for robot and 2 for remote (not included Set). | Measurements in inches; 11” long x 11.5” tall x 5” wide.









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