Climer Cards: Teambuilding and Innovation Cards, Evoke Deeper Conversations and Increase Learning

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Facilitators, Consultants, Parents, Teachers, and Counselors can use Climer Cards to Increase Learning from Participants. What are Climer CardsClimer Cards are reflection and processing cards to help groups and individuals move their learning deeper. Processing and reflection is a key component to learning and helps learners remember more for longer. The watercolor paintings evoke deeper conversation and you will be surprised what users will say. Who uses Climer CardsFacilitators Teachers Parents Therapists Camp Counselors More! How can Climer Cards be usedHere is an example of how a facilitator might use Climer Cards: After the group has completed an activity or experience spreads the cards out so everyone can see the images. Pose a question to the group that is related to the experience and their goals or actions. For instance, you might say, Select a card that is a symbol of something you learned in this activity OR - the role you played within the group OR - an example of how the group met its goals OR - something you want to remember from this experience and take with you into the next activity. The power is in the question posed. So ask a question that works well with metaphors, is related to the group goals, and this will help the group move deeper in their understanding of themselves, each other, or the topic. Once everyone has selected a card, invite each person to share which card they chose and why. Allow participants to select the same cards as others because you often get very different interpretations. We Would Love to Hear from You! Please let us know how YOU use Climer Cards!


TARGET AUDIENCE: Facilitators, Consultants, Parents, Teachers, and Counselors can use Climer Cards to Increase Learning from Participants. | PRODUCT CONTAINS: One side includes grouping tools – shapes, colors, and numbers to sort larger groups into smaller groups. | FREE EXTRAS: Two Cards Contain Directions and Ideas and a FREE eBook with More Ideas on how to use Climer Cards!  | HIGH QUALITY: Images on Cards are from Watercolor Paintings by Amy Climer, the Cards are Printed on High Quality Coated Paper, and the Combination of Beautiful Colors and Quality Paper Make These Cards a Joy to Use! | AMAZING REVIEWS: Do Not Just Take Our Word for How These Cards will Perform. There are TWENTY FIVE STAR Reviews that RAVE About These Cards! You Will NOT be Disappointed by Climer Cards. 



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