Conditioner And Body Wash Bar - 4 Pack 100% Organic Natural & Eco Friendly 2x Conditioning Moisturizer Bars For Dry Damaged & Color Treated Hair & 2x Hydrate Body Soap Bars - Use With Shampoo Bar

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Who We Are: We at BAMBOEARTH are a company focused on finding sourcing and creating 100% Organic, Natural and Biodegradable products - from the product to the packaging, we believe that that the Organic and Eco-friendly approach is the healthiest solution for the people while fighting the waste and working on building an environmentally aware community is our main goal to zero-waste planet! We always keep improving to provide the best quality of our products to our costumes and keep working on our goal to a 100% organic company! Our Product: Our conditioning and body bars are natural and vegan, made with premium high-quality organic ingredients, plant-based butters and essential oil that will treat your hair and skin much better than all the commercial conditioners and shower gels giving you safe deep & sensitive care! Conditioner and body bar: This pack comes with 4 unique essences: Lavender, Seaweed, Ocean Cantaloupe: CRUELTY FREE PALM OIL FREE PREMIUM HIGH QUALITY ORGANIC / NATURAL / VEGAN PURE / GENTLE Packaging: Compact and recyclable: TRAVEL-FRIENDLY HIGHLY DURABLE BIODEGRADABLE LIGHTWEIGHT ECO-FRIEDLY Our Guarantee: We are proud of the quality of our organic bath bars and the fact that we are helping our planet to heal! If you don t like them for any reason we will provide you with a full refund! Achieve The Best Eco-Friendly Shower Experience By Using Organic Bathing Products And Give Your Hair The Care It Deserve! Click Add To Cart And Order Your Organic Bars Today!


?HIGHEST QUALITY AND NATURAL CARE! Being 100% organic eco-friendly and vegan these organic bars are made of high quality all natural ingredients! Hand made to achieve the best quality these cute solid bars will naturally treat and restore your hair to its original shiny state without stripping it while our shower gel bars will energize your body and are suitable for all kinds of sensitive skin! You will feel a nice essence after washing! | ?USE WITH YOUR BAMBOEARTH SHAMPOO BAR! These moisturizing bars will provide you all natural hydrating repair treatment leaving your hair soft and shiny and your skin smooth and energized! The essential oils in our conditioner bars make them work great for all types of hair including oily curly damaged or color treated hair and are a perfect combination with our BAMBOEARTH shampoo bars. Meanwhile our body bars will take gentle care of your skin giving you the best body wash experience! | ?100% ECO-FRIENDLY AND TRAVEL-FRIENDLY! These herbal bars are dye free! They do not contain any chemicals or preservatives that can damage your hair or skin while our packaging is 100% biodegradable and recycling! Their compact size and lightweight making these eco bars perfect choice for travel camping airplane or on the road helping you take good care of yourself and family while being 100% waste free! | ?ZERO WASTE IS OUR MISSION! Green Earth is our goal! Everything from our products to our packaging is sourced with big care and consideration! We understand that millions shampoo bodywash and conditoner bottles are being thrown away each year in the U.S. Our focus and determination are fighting the plastic waste and being part of the solution to stop it for rocketing That is why our products are always 100% plastic and metal free, made of organic ingredients and zero-waste packaging! | ?100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK! Our conditioning and body bars are 100% Organic and our packaging is 100% Zero Waste! We love using them and we know you will love them too! If for any reason or no reason at all you decide to return them we will refund you 100%!





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