Coolplay 1/10 PVC Painted Body Shell RC Racing Car Accessories for Toyota Corolla AE86

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Features: 1. The body shell has already painted, it still has the plastic coating for overspray. 2. Car shell is brand new,with a layer of film on the top of car. 3. You have to cut the wheel wells yourself and you can even do it with some scissors and there is kind of an indentation around where you should cut, maybe it is a little hard to do it, please be more patient. Notice: When you receive the body shell, if there are something problem with it, please email to contact us before writing the review, we will give you a best solution. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.


Item Name: RC Body Shell | Material: Painted PVC | Width: 455*190mm | Scale: 1:10 | Package Included: 1 X RC Body Shell

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