Cove Castile Soap Unscented - 128 oz / 1 Gallon - Includes Pump - Organic Argan, Hemp, Jojoba Oils

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What Makes Our Soap Different
Cove Castile Soap is made with all-natural, vegan, and biodegradable ingredients. We don't use animal fats or byproducts commonly found in other natural soaps. There are no added detergents or foaming agents because these can be harmful to your skin and the environment. Unlike other castile soaps, we don't use palm kernel oil because its cultivation leads to the destruction of our rainforests. Ours is a simpler soap with a smaller ecological footprint.

How To Use This Soap
This multi-purpose soap is meant to be diluted. Use it on its own or mix it with other ingredients to make many different personal care and home cleaning products.



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