Craft City Guava Toys Pre Made Gross Out Scented Slime | 4 Pack | Pre Made Slime | Ages 8+

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These guava toys slime packs of pre-made slimes are perfect for growing any child's slime collection. These slimes are perfect for gifting, trading, or enjoying on their own! Featuring unique scents and textures, each 3oz slime provides a different fun adventure in play! Collect all 3 tubes for an amazing slime collection.


GET READY TO BE GROSSED OUT: Yucky fun with icky textures. Includes 4 gross scented slimes: booger, poop, vomit, and bad breath! Pre made ready to play slime in the craziest scents! | AS SEEN ON GUAVA JUICE’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: YouTube Superstar Guava Juice has created his own custom toy line! Now you and Guava Juice can hang right at home! No one knows the science of slime quite like Guava Juice. | NON-TOXIC. KID-FRIENDLY. SAFE TO USE: Guava Toys Premade Slime is an easy to use, safe, non-toxic, kid-friendly slime pack that’s perfect for your kids, your family and you. | EASY-TO-USE. GROSS OUT READY: No instructions necessary. Just open up your slime pack, and get ready to be grossed out! Makes for the slimiest kids gift that both boys and girls will love. | RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN AGES 8+: The perfect kids toy for any occasion! Whether it’s a rainy day, the kids have a playdate or they finished their homework early, slime provides all the fun!









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