Cthulhu: Death May Die

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The ritual cannot be stopped, but the cultistsplans might still be! The cultists have been painstakingly preparing for this moment for quite some time. An elder God, a being adrift in a different dimension, has reached out into their minds, giving them the knowledge necessary to awaken it, and bring it into our own world, unleashing its hellish powers on the unsuspecting populace. The investigators found out about it too late. The final ritual has begun. But with a little luck, The God might just be vulnerable for a moment after being summoned. That's when they can shoot it in the face. Cthulhu: Death may die puts players in charge of investigators looking to defeat an elder God that is being summoned to earth. They are running late, as the summoning ritual is already underway. But if they can collect enough clues to find a weakness, or alter the ritual just enough to cause one, They can blast the God to death Before it gets a true Foothold in the world. Working together, players will fight cultists, search for answers, and try to keep their already-broken minds from warping even further.


Cooperative play - players must work together if they want to stand a chance at stopping The evil about to be Unleashed on the world. | Beautiful miniatures - each investigator, as well as the monsters and Cultists they'll be fighting, are represented by highly-detailed miniature figures on the board. | A new scenario every time - with multiple investigators, story boxes, and a pair of Elder gods to vanquish, no two games are ever The same.









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