Dazzling Toys 25 Mega Pack Slap Bracelets | Slap Bands Birthday Party Supplies Favors with Hearts & Animal Print | One Size Fits All | for Kids, Boys, and Girls

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Dazzling Toys Slap Bracelets with Hearts and Fun Pattern, bracelet measures 8.5 inches and comes with different hearts pattern made perfectly to add more excitement and fun in your party, a well made product and slap closed easily, a perfect party favor that will surely loved by everyone. These bracelets fits well in children Boys & Girls and also adults and there are a lot of things these bracelets can do, It can be used to hold rolled papers, goody-bags stuffer, Halloween Christmas Birthday party treats, prize box for students and perfect for any occasion like karaoke night, Halloween, Easter, 90 themed party and many more.


HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL:These Dazzling Toys bracelets measuring 8 1/2 inches are made of premium quality, which can provide great flexibility for long time and it will not break or scratch your skin. The slap bracelets are durable, non-toxic, and can be worn for an extended period of time. | PUT A SMILE ON YOUR KID'S FACE: Perfect gift for any occasion like Birthday party, grab bags ,party bags, stocking stuffers, valentines prizes, pinata fillers, giveaways, game prizes for students - All Around Fun for all Ages! This is a must have for all parties. | CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Everyone remembered these as kids because they were so popular back in the 90's! They instantly bring your childhood memories back and will give lots of fun to your children as well! Just simply stretch the bracelets straight, and slap these lightly on your wrists, ankles, or arms. | ASSORTED COLORS: 25 pk slap bracelets Come in an assortment of colors and styles. Mega pack of 25. Get more for your money then any other brand! | DON’T LET CHILDREN TO TAKE SLAP BRACELETS APART AND SEE HOW THEY WORK.OTHERWISE,THE REVEALED METAL INSIDE MIGHT HURT THEIR HANDS.AND PACKAGE CONTAINS SMALL PIECES,BE CAREFUL TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SWETTIES ,LEST THEY BITE THEM









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