Desk Toy Box for Stress Relief and Anxiety, Adults Kids | 6 Pack Set | Kinetic Spinning Desk Toy, Fidget Pad, Sensory Stretch Toy, Infinity Cube, Fidget Stick | EDC Fidget Toy for Stress, Anti-Anxiety

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The Desk Toy Box includes 6 fidget toys. These toys are priced individually up to $12! This sensory toy box is a great value if you are looking for any fidget toys! Includes: Kinetic Spinning Desk Toy - A precision machined desk toy made out of stainless steel. A guaranteed smooth and lasting spin every time. Each spin creates an optical illusion to help soothe the mind. It also makes for a great paperweight! Fidget Pad - 8 fidget functions in one, this toy helps eliminate stress and anxiety from study, work, and life. There is 1 game joystick, 1 finger massage roller, 2 everlasting gears, 1 spring-loaded slider, 1 spinning dial, 1 switch, and 1 convex grip. Sensory Stretch Toy - Stretch, pull, squeeze, tie, wrap, or swing this toy around. These are non-toxic and BPA-free. Stretch up to 10 feet long and it will come back to its original shape! Infinity Cube - A simple design composed of 8 cubes that fold endlessly. The ergonomic curved design fits perfectly in your hand. Perfect for kids, teens, and adults with ADD, ADHD, anxiety, OCD, and autism. Fidget Stick (Rollover Toy) - 3.5in sticks made of painted beechwood with eco-friendly silicone pads on the end. Gently tap and watch it magically rollover! Spring Toy - A 7.5in spring with soft plastic covers on the tips. Bend, tie, spin, and pull this spring while working, studying, on a call, waiting in line, or while you are bored. Helps ease the mind and increase relaxation!


WORKING FROM HOME?: These are perfect fidget toys to help increase concentration in your home office! | PACK OF 6 DESK TOY BOX: Complete fidget set includes a Kinetic Spinning Desk Toy, Fidget Pad, Sensory Stretch Toy, Infinity Cube, Fidget Stick, and Spring Toy. | TOP QUALITY FIDGET TOYS FOR KIDS, TEENS, AND ADULTS: All toys are made from non-toxic, durable materials that are safe and made to last. | STRESS RELIEF AND ANXIETY: Fidget toys help relieve stress, ADHD adults, teens anxiety, kids with autism, and focus and concentration in school or work. | MULTI PURPOSE USE: Perfect for school, classrooms, work, offices, car rides, plane rides, and so on. Fidget with the toys to keep the mind relaxed and focused.

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