Desktop Spinning Top - Aluminium VORTECON Kinetic Spinning Desk Toy 40mm- Gifts for Adult Office Anxiety Relief Fidget Toys That Creates a Mind-Bending Optical Illusion of Continuously Flowing Helix

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Upgrade: The bearing of desk toys has been upgraded and rotating is longer and quieter. It can rotate more than 120 seconds at first. Max rotation time is more than 180 seconds. desk toys makes a truly great and original present that creates a bit of magic every time you interact with it. A piece of kinetic art that invites you to transform it from precisely engineered still shape into hypnotic optical illusion. kinetic desk toy presents a full 360° view to enjoy different visual effects from various angles. Built for creators, makers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to release their inner creativity and imagination. Applicable for adults & teens & kids stress relief, keep focus, cure ADHD OCD, eliminate anxiety, kill boredom,kill time or simply relax during working hours and more. Size: Diameter = 40mm Package: 1* kinetic desk toy. Small delicate and beautiful. It's a perfect gift for friends. We provided the best stress relief desk fidget toys Long-term play can enhance your or your child's concentration We always insist on doing better and let our customers get better service. Each desk toys pass through high standards of strict test before packaging. Our goal is to provide every customer with a satisfactory product and service.


? Vortecon is a precision machined desk toy that creates a mesmerizing optical illusion when spun. Simply rotate it to reveal the mind-bending effect of a continuously flowing helix. | ? Precision machined desk toy - Pure stainless steel metal.Diameter 30mm. Manufactured on aerospace-grade lathes from Aluminium. It guarantees smooth and silent spin as well as long lasting. | ? Vortecon is designed to spin on any desk or flat surface. The solid body and smooth finish make it very pleasant to interact with. It spins silently so you won't be bothering anyone around. | ?Spin Vortecon - will turn into a dynamic sculpture that changes its patterns along with direction and speed of rotation. There are multiple ways you can interact with Vortecon - spin it as a single unit or stack them together to make it look even more impressive. | ? ?Inspire Creativity or Relieve Stress?Made to be a piece of kinetic art, perfect for creators, makers, thinkers and anyone who wants to inspire inner creativity and imagination, relieve stress or simply relax. Also great for fidget, autism, depression, anxiety, ADHD, staying awake and other attention disorder issues, like nail biting, insomnia, smoking, leg shaking, etc









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