Detangling Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set. Hairbrush for Thick, Long and Curly Hair. Restores Shine and Texture to Your Hair. Wooden Comb, Travel Bag & Spa Headband Included

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1. Using a boar bristle hairbrush conditions hair naturally, Boar bristle brushing is a conditioning treatment. The bristles coat the hair strand with sebum - the oil produced by the scalp - from the root to the end of the hair shaft. By coating each hair strand with a very, very small amount of sebum, a boar bristle brush repairs dry hair and adds lustrous shine! 2. Boar bristle brushing improves hair texture Having a black boar bristle hair brush; it brings out the best. If you have straight hair, it will add bouncy volume and shine. If you have curly hair, it will condition and slightly loosen the curl. 3. Boar bristle brushing reduces frizz Sebum is the original and most effective anti-frizz serum. By using a boar bristle brush to lubricate each hair strand with sebum, you will notice a significant decrease in frizz! 4. Boar bristle brushing stimulates the scalp. You will find your daily session of boar bristle brushing a meditative and relaxing experience. A paddle boar bristle brush feels divine on the scalp and stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, which might stimulate hair growth. 5. Boar bristle brushing reduces the need for styling products Brush your hair twice daily for desired results. The now coated with sebum hair strands will no longer need to use leave-in conditioners or hair serums. Remember, a healthy organism produces all the nutrients it needs to function. 6. Boar bristle brushing reduces the frequency of washing Over-washing your hair too often will make it dry and damage the hair strands. A boar bristle brush prevents oil build-up at the scalp, which weights hair down and makes it look greasy. ALWAYS WASH PRODUCT BEFORE FIRST USE! Due to the use of natural rubber and that the brush is not treated with chemicals, in the beginning, it might have a slight rubber smell. Wash the brush with essential oil or soap and let it dry in direct sunlight!


HAIR CARE THAT YOU WILL LOVE - Our boar bristle hairbrush will help distribute sebum (natural oil) on the entire length of the hair strand, adding shine and texture. | BOAR BRISTLE BRUSHING FOR ANY HAIR TYPE à ¢â‚ ¬â€œ Ità ¢â‚ ¬â„ ¢s hard for soft boar bristle brushes to get through thick or long hair. However, we added nylon pins to our boars bristle hair brush, so you can easily detangle your hair and enjoy boars bristle brushing. This will replace your curly hair brush, hairbrush for thick hair or any wet hair brush you might have used in the past. | LESS FRIZZ, LESS STYLING PRODUCTS à ¢â‚ ¬â€œ Boar brushes help to coat your hair strands with sebum (natural oil), the best organic anti-frizz serum. As your hair becomes healthier, softer, and conditioned with regular brushing, youà ¢â‚ ¬â„ ¢ll no longer need to use leave-in conditioners or hair serums | COMPLETE SET à ¢â‚ ¬â€œ Use the wooden comb to detangle your wet hair before brushing gently. The Spa Headband will help you keep your hair clean and in place when you apply any facial treatment. Store all in the bonus travel bag and take them with you when you travel. | ZERO RISKS, ONLY BENEFITS à ¢â‚ ¬â€œ In the unlikely event that our premium bamboo wood brushes are not right for you, we offer a 2-month satisfaction guarantee under the "Belula Care 100% Satisfaction Program."

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