Detangling Cushion Hairbrush Wet and Dry Hair Comb for All Hair Types Rock Band Design

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This Cushion Hair Brush was designed for smoothing, straightening and maintenance on all hair types.

Daily maintenance is required to keep hair looking feeling it's best. The soft cushion surface and flexible nylon bristles make this process comfortable and simple for any user. Brushing daily can also help to clean and condition your hair. Removing tangles gently helps prevent breakage and splits end.

Extensions and weaves are a great way to add fullness and length to hair, but they can be expensive. Taking good care of your hair extensions, wigs or weave with a good brush is one of the best ways to protect your investment.

Make sure your brush is pull-proof. Pulling can create breakage and loosen hair extensions. Unlike other brushes, this specially designed hairbrush won't pull, snag or snarl extensions at the root or damage the scalp. Instead, it helps extend the life of extensions, weaves and wigs because its nylon bristles glide smoothly and do not get caught in the adhesives.


Soft flexible bristles detangle hair with ease. | Ball-tipped bristles prevent the scalp from damage,no more pulling, tugging, or pain. | One-piece molded handle, easy to hold, there's no space for hair to get caught or snagged while styling. | Can be used on all hair types, thick, curly or straight hair, extensions and wigs, Works on wet or dry hair. | Great for Styling, Straightening, Detangling or to Set Thick, Thin, Fine, Straight, Curly, Wavy, Long, Short, Dry, or Damaged Hair.



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