DeVita Cooling Cucumber Toner for face with AloeHyplex and Witch Hazel -100% vegan facial toner for sensitive skin - helps to reduce the appearance of pore sizes for men and women -5.0 fl.oz

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Revitalize and restore skin's pH naturally with DeVita's Cooling Cucumber Toner. The astringent properties of alcohol-free witch hazel help to control oil, refine pores, and ward off blemish-causing bacteria. Willow Bark works to provide anti-inflamatory and soothing benefits while multiple beta and hydroxy acids gently exfoliate. Rose fruit extract soothes, conditions and calms the skin revealing a velvety soft, glowing complexion. Skin is left refreshed and perfecly prepped to receive the full benefits of your skincare regimen. Fresh, natural cucumber scent provides a cooling sensation and leaves skin KEY INGREDIENTS/BENFITS . Witch Hazel: Has potent antioxidant properties and soothing properties. Willow Bark Extract: Helps to soften and loosen dry skin, aids in skin rejuvenation and may soothe acne-ravaged skin. Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate): An ultra-hydrating molecule that attracts and retains over 1,000 times its weight in water within the cells of skin, making it an excellent moisturizer. It contains high and low molecular sizes of hyaluronic acids that replenish the epidermis and deeper into the dermis. Rosa Canina Fruit Extract: A natural source of Vitamin C with moisturizing, softening, and healing properties.


Revitalize and restore skin's pH naturally | For sensitive skin, normal, oily acne, dry or combination skin | Helps to reduce the appearance of pore size, control oil and ward off blemish-causing bacteria | Cooling cucumber toner with Witch Hazel provides anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits and best used to calm the skin | Removes residual cleanser and prepares skin for treatment step and skin is left with a refreshed, dewy glow | Promotes the feeling of smoother, fresher-looking skin. Has fresh cucumber scent. DeVita Skincare has No Parabens, No Soy, No Phtalates, No Sulfates, No Nanotechnology, No Gluten, No artificial colors, No Synthetic Fragrances, No animal product









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