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This is a black leatherette dice display and storage box, designed to be used with polyhedral dice. It provides two functions with a single box - you can proudly display your favorite set of dice using the removable foam insert and removable lid, or you can remove the foam liner and store 3 complete sets of dice - that about 21 polyhedral dice. Protect Your Dice Weather you utilize the display configuration or the storage configuration, your dice will always be protected using this box. The interior of the box is wrapped in our high-quality synthetic velvet, and the exterior leatherette provides a durable yet soft enclosure designed to keep your dice protected. Hand Checked Quality Assurance We hand check each of our polyhedral dice display and storage boxes before packing them. This means you are guaranteed to get a high-quality product free of defects or damage. Free Replacement Guarantee In the rare event you receive a damaged product from us - we will replace it at absolutely no additional cost to you.


High Quality Leatherette Exterior - The flat black leatherette material gives this box a good feel in the hand, and offers a durable quality that will last. | Professional Grade Interior - Our sturdy synthetic velvet liner is designed to withstand the wear-and-tear that dice will put on it. The removable foam interior allows you to display your favorite 7-piece set, or it can be removed to store 21 dice comfortably. | Be Unique – This display and storage box is a one of a kind item. Make your favorite set stand out, and make your gaming friends jealous! | Unmatched Customer Support - RPM Global prides itself on offering top notch customer support, and Easy Roller Dice Company only produces high quality dice and gaming accessories. Buy a quality product from a trusted source.









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