Dino Play Sand Kit for Kids 3lbs Cool Dinosaur Edition Motion Sand with an Inflation-Free Sandbox and Numerous Dino Moulds and Tools Creative Toys for Boys and Girls Ages 3 4 5 6 7+ Year Old

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Everybody loves playing with sand - especially children! Dino Sand allows for limitless creativity, and for fun mental exercise with no boundaries. However, due to various limitations, we can't just go to the beach to play in the sand with our friends any time. But with Space Sand, you don't need the beach, you can play with Dino Sand anytime and anywhere, and enjoy an even more enjoyable playing experience!

Informationbr>Material: Sand and beeswax
Product Weight:5.5 LB
Sand weight:4.5 LB
Product Size: 29 x 19 x 15.5 cm
Package includesbr>-3lb space magic sand (primary color)
-12 dino toys (colorful)
-10 little dino mold (colorful)
-1 gaint dino skeleton mold (vary color)
-1 inflation-free sandbox (70*70cm)
-6 miniature plants (green)
-5 knife tools (vary color)
-1 little trowel (vary color)
-1 set of cleaning tool (vary color)
-1 sand roller (blue)

Steps to play with our sand kit:
1. Unfold the inflation-free sandbox.
2.Take out the giant bag of dino sand and then put them all into the sandbox.
3.Put all the molds and tools into the sandbox and then you can enjoy the whole sand world by yourself.
4. Replace the sand into the ziplock bag so for next time you play. Using the cleaning tool (already in the box)will be much more convenient.

1. CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.
2. Due to the property of dino sand, please don't make it exposed to sunlight for a long time, you are advised to play it indoor.
3. After being idle for as long time, if you feel the sand is is becoming dry, there is no need to add water, just play with it as usual and the sand will be soften after adsorbing sweat from your hands.

If you have any problems about our dino sand, please contact us at any time. Without your satisfaction, we should not obtain more than a penny from you.


MAGICAL AND SAFE - Dino sand has the texture and fluidity of ordinary sand, has plasticine plasticity, and is also cleavable and engravable. It is of great durability because it will never dry. Our sand kit are 100% made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, which totally meets the toys safety requirements of U.S. and is 100% safe to play with! | MORE DINO,MORE FUN - Dino sand kit is made up of dino sand, dino toys, dino moulds and dino theme box. Up to 3 LBS sand and 39 different accessories will lead your kids into a wonderful land! | UNIQUE AND FASCINATING SANDBOX - Getting annoyed about tedious work before and after the using of the inflatable sandbox? Dissatisfied with the air leaking problem of the inflatable sandbox? Why not try our inflation-free sand box in dino kit? It is super easy to folding and unfolding in a minute. Running away from toys cleaning from now on! | LEARNING BY PLAYING- When children are playing dino sand, they will grasp, pinch, knead, cut, and exercise fine movements, which can exercise hand strength and also promote the development of physical coordination. Making all kinds of dino scenes will help promote your child's imagination and creativity. | ZERO-RISK AFTER-SALES SERVICE - Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. If your product does not perform properly, please contact us for perfect service. Any problem about our products will be priority settled.









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