Discovery Kids Electronic Lie Detector Portable Spy Kit with 11 Liar Detection Cards, Learn the Signs of Deception like a Secret Agent, Machine Detects Your Sweat, Imaginative Play and Exploration Toy

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Can you handle the truthThe Discovery Kids Electronic Lie Detector Portable Spy Kit teaches you tips and tricks for spotting when someone trying to hide the truth. Hook them up to the machine and go through the liar detector cards to see how they react to each question. Moisture sensing machine The fingertip sensor detects moisture. Do they start sweating when you ask questionsVery suspicious. You may have caught a spy! Real concepts and imaginative play Youl learn real concepts of detecting truth and lies just like law enforcement and intelligence officers use. But remember, only professionals are trained to interpret polygraph and lie detector results using several more data points. This kit is for inspiring critical thinking and fun so don accuse anyone unfairly! Features: Liar detector cards teach tips and tricks for seeing through deception Fingertip sensor detects when a suspect starts to sweat Built-in storage drawer for holding cards Start learning concepts used by real investigators Fun imaginative play toy - not a professional polygraph machine Package Contents: One portable novelty lie detector machine Eleven liar detector cards Ready to launch your own investigationClick dd to CartNOW!


LEARN THE SIGNS OF DECEPTION: The Discovery Kids Electronic Lie Detector Portable Spy Kit features 11 liar detection cards that help you learn to spot the signs of possible deception just like a real secret agent or detective would. | MOISTURE SENSOR: Strap in your suspect to the portable lie detecting machine and ask your questions. If they start to sweat, the fingertip moisture sensor will let you know! | CARD STORAGE: The built-in storage drawer makes it easy to keep up with your cards, so you can always read what to ask and look for. | EXPLORE REAL CONCEPTS: The Discovery Kids Electronic Lie Detector Portable Spy Kit introduces real-world concepts used by law enforcement and investigators to determine truthfulness. | IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Only extensively trained experts should interpret results of any polygraph or lie detector test. This kit is for fun and inspiring critical thinking – not for determining truth and lies.









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