Discovery MINDBLOWN Maze Planter DIY Build & Grow Botany Kit, STEM Science Experiment for Kids, Fun Home Lab Sprout Phototropism Project for Boys and Girls, Window Garden Set for Learning Biology

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Maze terrarium The Discovery #MINDBLOWN Maze Planter DIY Build & Grow Botany Kit is a fun way to learn about plants and grow them yourself, all while seeing how principles like phototropism work. Design and build it yourself You design the maze and build it yourself. Experiment with different layouts and see how it changes the way your sprouts grow! Hands-on learning This STEM experiment introduces you to real botany and biology concepts as well as letting you design and construct the botany maze yourself! Features: Unique planter for growing your own plants and learning about botany Maze you design yourself to see plants grow in special ways Clear base for watching and learning about root growth Train plants and see real botany principles in action STEM experiment provides hands-on education in botany and biology Package Contents: One build-it-yourself maze terrarium and planter kit One pair of tweezers One dropper One mini shovel One cultivating dish One magnifying glass One marker Ready to create your own maze and grow cool plantsClick dd to CartNOW!


DIY MAZE KIT: Design your own terrarium maze & grow plants in unique & interesting ways while learning about phototropism! Plus, you can experiment with different designs by just planting again. | OBSERVE & GROW: Make your plants grow in specific paths through the maze using real botany techniques! A see-through base gives you a clear view of plant roots & shows how they work to suck up water. | DESTINATION DISCOVERY: Take reality to another level with our fun & educational toys! You can explore the universe & fly through space, roam the desert with animals, run from dinosaurs & much more! | EXPLORE OUR TOYS: We have toys for boys & girls of all ages: board games & puzzles, plush toys, easels & art kits, science sets & STEM building kits, remote control cars, boats, drones, robots & more! | PLAY & LEARN: At the intersection of inspiration, curiosity, & STEM-based edutainment, our toys help spark your child's imagination & creativity while promoting the development of essential skills.









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