Disney Classic Movie Deluxe Party Favors Goody Bag Fillers Set of 14 with 12 Figures and 2 Stickers with Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Lady and the Tramp!

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Don't miss out on this fun collectible Cartoon Classic Movie Party Favor Set of 14. This deluxe set of party favors feature 12 nicely detailed figures from these classic Cartoon Movies including Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland! These fun plastic figures are 1.5 to 3 inches tall. The figures are mostly self standing but a few may need to be hand held. You also get 2 special 2 by 3 inch Vintage reproduction temporary tattoos featuring classic scenes with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and more! They are colorful and easy to apply. This set is nicely shipped in plastic with no box. Please see the pictures for more details.These fun figures will help recreate these classic Cartoon Movie scenes like Peter Pan fighting Captain Hook or Alice talking to the Cheshire Cat or the famous spaghetti dinner in Lady and the Tramp! The set includes many of the popular characters including Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Wendy, Pinocchio, Geppetto the woodcarver, the lovable dogs Lady with the Tramp and their dog Friend, the crazy Cheshire Cat and more! These figures are made of hard plastic for hours of fun play time. Also included are 2 neat 2 by 3 inch collectible vintage cartoon reproduction tattoos with easy to use directions. These feature classic cartoon Mickey Mouse and Friends artwork. The tattoos are randomly inserted so you may or may not get the ones pictured. These fun party favors are great to display, collect and trade. These Classic Cartoon Movie party favors will help make any party a success! Please note these are for children and adults 4 and older! Do not miss out on this great set of 14 Cartoon Classic Movie Party Favors with 12 movie figures and 2 vintage collectible tattoos!


This fun 14 party favor set includes 12 Classic Movie figures and 2 Classic Tattoos! | The neat figures are 1 to 3 in tall. Most are self standing but some need to be hand held. | They feature many of the classic Cartoon Movie characters like Peter Pan, Alice Etc. | These are nicely shipped in plastic with nobox. Please see all pictures for details. | This neat set is for children 4 and up and will be played with long after the party is over!









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