Diva Stuff Cystic Acne Gel Treatment, Maximum Strength for Overnight Results - Mild to Severe Acne, 1 oz (Made in the USA)

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Zap Away Pimples Fast This new treatment has it all. It effectively treats blemishes, cystic acne, and troubled skin. Our acne-fighting formula is a unique combination of ingredients that can't be found in any other acne products. Salicylic Acid is known to treat acne by exfoliating the skin and helping to dislodge dead skin cells, while Lactic Acid is known to effectively reach deep down into the layers of the skin to clean pores and exfoliate skin. Hyaluronic Acid keeps the skin surrounding the blemish hydrated. Contains other unique acne fighting ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint, and Hawaiian Sea Extract. Dab on forming or already formed blemishes and allow to dry. Peel or rub off. Great for use at night or during the date. Results are quick! Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee We at Diva Stuff are on a mission to harness the power of potent, natural ingredients sourced from all over the world to bring products that take care of your body, beauty, and well-being. We're so confident you will love our products that if you're ever unsatisfied with your purchase, we will provide a full refund.


OVERNIGHT ACTION: Our fast absorbing formula heals acne by soothing inflammation, neutralizing acne-causing germs and shrinking pores. Specially designed to treat blemishes and cystic acne, this acne gel can be applied to forming and existing blemishes so that you can stop acne in its tracks. | UNIQUE, POWERFUL FORMULA: Contains Turmeric Hydrosol, Hawaiian Sea Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Wintergreen, Salicylic Acid, and more. We've blended some of the finest acne-busting ingredients to give your skin a royal skincare treatment. Salicylic Acid is known to reduce acne by unclogging pores and dissolving dead skin cells, while Turmeric is known to reduce inflammation and pimple scars. | MOISTURIZE SKIN WHILE FIGHTING ACNE: Hyaluronic Acid has shown to effectively keep skin surrounding acne from drying out. It's also not known to clog pores because of its oil-free nature. We've blended Hyaluronic Acid into our acne spot treatment to exfoliate skin while delivering moisture and without causing dryness. | TEA TREE OIL, THE ACNE KILLER: Tea Tree Oil is well-known in the acne industry. It is traditionally used as a topical blemish shrinking and reducing agent. | THE DIVA STUFF GUARANTEE: At Diva Stuff, we live to create the best, most fun, and fairly priced beauty products possible. We are so confident that you'll love your Diva Stuff product that we stand by it 100%. We offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee with each and every product we make.









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