Donzy 10X Magnification Handheld Magnifier - Magnifying Glass for Reading, Coins, Insects, Magnifier for Kids and Old People with Removable Antique Mahogany Handle

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About Donzy Handheld Magnifying Glass 5 times magnification Removable handle Professional optical lens Luxury gold-plated frame Imitation wood comfortable handle Exquisite color box packaging -- Magnifying glass, magnified 5X -- Frame material: metal Handle material: mahogany Lens material: professional optical components What will we receive1*5 times reading magnifying glass (6.4*3.2 inches) 1* color box (9.3*3.8*1.2 inches) 1*Service that responds quickly to messages within 24 hours The magnifying glass opens a new world for kids and the elderly! For the elderly: very suitable for reading, to meet daily needs For kids: for crossword puzzles, close observation of insects, signs, stamps, coins, rocks and gem collections It can also be used to focus light, such as concentrating solar radiation, creating a hot spot at the focal point for ignition * Also suitable for machining, electronic repair, jewelry identification, watch repair and micro engraving So much fun, why are you still hesitating?


LARGE MAGNIFICATION - This magnifier has a magnification of 5X and is clearly visible in the field of view. Suitable for kids or the old people. It can be used for children to observe insects and explore, and can also be used for the elderly to read newspapers and magazines. You can make purchases on demand. | PROFESSIONAL OPTICAL LENS - With a high-transparency optical lens, the image is sharp and sharp, the magnification is real, and there is no astigmatism. In addition to perfect imaging, it can protects your eyes so you don't have to worry about because prolonged use of a magnifying glass leads to impaired vision. | LUXURY GOLD-PLATED FRAME -The handheld magnifier is wear-resistant, non-fading, excellent workmanship and high quality. Keep away from the trouble of falling paint. You can also buy for your friends without worrying about product quality issues. | REMOVABLE DESIGN - detachable design with screw interface, easy to disassemble and carry. You can put it in a bag or even a wallet. In the case of poor memory in the elderly, you can put the magnifying glass in their bag before they go out. In addition, the magnifier is made of woody handles for excellence and hand-held comfort.You will love it! | PERFECT GIFT - the size of the magnifying glass is 6.4 * 3.2 inches. You will not only receive our magnifying glass but also receive a perfect box. It is wrapped in a bubble film without worrying about product damage.









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