Dove BODY WASH - Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Rose - Concentrated foaming mousse shower gel - 10.3 oz (Combo - 3)

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Experience a unique shower experience with Dove's NEW Body Wash Mousse. Newest technology allows you to comfort your senses in a delicate, creamy lather that wraps your body for its most pampering shower experience yet. Our mild-as-water formula is made of 100% gentle cleansers and is free of sulfates to make sure skin gets the care it deserves. The rich lather has skin-natural nutrients to nourish skin, leaving it looking healthy and feeling soft all day long. Also suitable for shaving. Let this NEW Dove Body Wash Mousse cocoon your body in a cloud of rich indulgent lather and a faintly sweet coconut fragrance. Dove shower mousse rinses off easily, revealing instantly nourished and soft skin for 24 hours. As well as the creamy and indulgent skin benefits that all three mousses offer, they also double as a shaving foam! Promising beautiful smoothness and a totally holistic self-care experience to elevate your everyday shower to something truly indulgent, and most importantly, fun. It's safe to say, clean never felt so enjoyable.That's not all: thanks to the mousse's aerosol foam dispensing system, a little goes a long way so you can use less per shower than a traditional body wash. And of course, the formula is as mild as water.


Newest technology creamy gel that instantly turns into a silky foam. Purchase includes NNKs Korean deep exfoliating glove, colors will vary. | Gently cleanses and cares for skin, leaving it feeling clean and soft | Infused with essential oils. Instant nourishment for all-day softness. | Concentrated formula provides twice as many uses vs. regular shower gel. | 100% gentle cleansers Paraben free









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