Dry Modeling Clay Set Ultra-Light 24 Colors Plasticine DIY Art Crafts Colored Modeling Magic with Tools for Children 3 Years Old and Up

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About us:
baoduole toys are designed to fuel imagination, inspire exploration, and encourage the natural curiosity that leads to a lifetime of learning.Quality craftsmanship and classic design make this a toy that never goes out of style, and its sturdy construction ensures it will last through years of hands-on play and learning.
We're passionate about Wooden Toys and looking for ways to make all children childhood , more happy, less complained, less lonely, by the day-to-day.
'baoduole toys'follows the rules: environmental protection and sustainable development,so we are proactive in using safety materials and green manufacturing.This product is certified by the centre of testing service international and we have obtained the certificate"TEST REPOART".

You and your child can learn as you play, grow closer to your child through this interactive activity, and increase your child's potential for independent thinking and creativity.
kids can use the clay to create some ornaments or whatever they can imagine, the project they made is gonna be awesome!
The soft clay is easy for little hands to shape and mold and will never dry out, harden, shrink or change shape so it can be used over and over again.

1.In order to maintain the clay quality, unused parts should be immediately returned to the plastic box and covered with a lid.
2.After each use, add 1-2 drops of water to prevent ultra-light clay from hardening
3.If the clay stick to the clothes inadvertently, please brush remova after dry.
4.Protect the clay with plastic wrap or damp cloth.
5.Since it includes some tiny objects,children should play it with guardian's accompany.


Excellent quality:Strong extension power and strong elastic force,so you can easily create the model you want.Besides,if you stick this Slime to the clothes, with toothpaste can be removed, is different from any other you have had in the past, New plasticine material, I believe you will get a surprise! | A variety of color choices:24 bright and vivid colors, develop the baby's color awareness, mixed color by your imagination.Air-dries to a smooth, resilient finish, usually within 24 hours. The other cool thing is when it is dry it bounces just like a rubber ball! | Good gift for junior sculptors: kids can have great fun from the Develop children's creativity,operational ability,observational ability,communication and cooperation skills..parents can play with their children, so as to narrow the distance between the parents and their children.Give the children a happy childhood! | Imported materials:No smell, not sticky hand, not greasy, safe pro-environment for kids.The texture is soft and elastic, comfortable and not greasy, protect the small hands of babies.Not easy to become soft collapse, easy to do modeling. The works can be preserved for 4 to 5 years without deterioration does not mildew. | Package included:1. 24 colors of clays 2.English manual can teach you to easily model 3. 3 kinds of auxiliary tools.









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