Duck Bath Toy Large Bath Duck Squeak Rubber Duck Baby Shower, 7 Inches

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Specification: Material: High quality PVC Dimension: 7.1"L x 5.7"W x 5.6"H. (18 x 14.5 x 14.2cm) Attention: Can be used for bathtub and pool, but does not float upright. They are not edible. Please do NOT put into your mouth. For children of 6 months and up. This rubber duck is great for decorations, party favors or give away. Let your baby enjoy the fun of bath, makes it becomes happy.


Best & Safe Material - Made of safe and non-toxic PVC material without any damage to your lovely children. They are smooth, flexible, of super good touching feeling and not easy to be destroyed. | Soft Material - The soft surface and smooth edge of the rubber duck allow you grip the cute duck safely. | Suitable Size - The size of the duck is moderate and suit for kids, children, girls and boys. | Happy Bath - There is enough air in the little yellow duck to make it float on the water. When you squeeze it, it can make "BEBE~" sounds, adding some fun in bath. | Educational Toy - Yellow rubber duck contributes to develop children's intellectual development and tactile development to a certain extent. Besides, keeping your child exposed to brightly colored toys helps children recognize colors. The "BEBE~" sound it could squeezed out helps develop the sensory development of child









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