Dude Products Body powder travel size, fragrance free 1.5 ounce bottles for men, 6 Count

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Dude, you're a sweaty and smelly human being. Especially, when it comes to your boys down below. Isn't it time they got their own natural deodorant & Sweat protection Dust them everyday with our new Body Powder & Start living your dude life to the fullest. Dude powder is a talc free deodorizing Corn starch based body Powder infused with natural odor fighting ingredients. natural deodorizers with chamomile & aloe, talc free formula, corn-starch based daily post-shower deodorizing powder.


Long lasting STANK protection: it's time your boys got their own natural deodorant & Talc-free men's Body Powder. Use this sweet unscented DUDE powder daily after a shower to keep the ball pit smelling clean & fresh. It's all day freshness for your boys | Soothes and protects: as soon as you apply DUDE powder do your DUDE regions, you'll feel the natural, game-changing difference. That means It's working hard to keep your 3rd pit, happy and stank-free for your whole grimy, sweaty, DUDE day | Made in the USA: DUDE powder is made in the good ol' Us of A from natural ingredients like corn starch, Aloe, Vitamin-E & Chamomile. No talc, aluminum, parabens or other nasty ingredients. Just pure, natural DUDE STANK protection | Travel size powder: take this TSA approved travel size of body Powder with you everywhere you go. Finally you can be fresh to death at home or on the road, DUDE. | Dude Products: welcome to the fresh life. We make self-care products for DUDES that get the job done, From our original Flushable DUDE Wipes to face & Shower wipes, and Deodorant Body powders & Body sprays to DUDE performance boxer briefs.







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