EASYCITY Fluffy Slime Colorful Easter Egg Slime Putty Stress Relief Toy Sludge Toys for Kids, Students, DIY, Birthday Party Favors (6Pack 10oz )

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Why Kids and adults are so obsessed with slime Why is slime so much fun to play with!
-- It is incredibly satisfying to play with - squeeze it, twist it, smash it or create arts with it. Just use your imagination freely.
-- People go through a lot of stress so it is important for them to be able to have a healthy distressor, it's super fun to manipulate and great for keeping hands busy!

Great Value
Despite their seemingly simplistic concept, slime toys are actually backed by science! By providing your brain with additional sensory information, you redirect your mental resources from whatever else you may be thinking to the task at hand touching, so to speak. That way, it's much easier to relax and focus on something else. It is a great sensory learning tool of developing visual artistic ability, promoting tactile exploration and encouraging creative play. <

1. Choking hazard small parts. Adult supervision is recommended, slime kit Not intended for children 5 and under. Never eat slime.
2.To be used on smooth and dry surfaces. Do not stick to the cotton material. Put it at room temperature and keep it away from direct sunlight.



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