Eco-Friendly Udderly Luscious Yogurt & Lemon Shampoo Bar - Extra Soothing for Sensitive Skin, Dry Dandruff prone Scalps | Organic Ingredients for Shiny Healthy Hair - Beauty and the Bees

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pbAlways 100% All Natural Chemical Free SLS Free & Handmade Beauty and the Bees Tasmania/b/p pbUdderly Luscious Yogurt & Lemon Solid Shampoo Bar for Shiny Healthy Hair | All Natural | from Australia's Wild Island, Tasmania | Handmade by Beauty and the Bees Tasmania/b/p p This may be our best multipurpose bar ever: can be used as a facial/body bar but also as a daily shampoo for hair. Its creamy tight bubbles are incredibly soothing for dry skin on face and body, but also for dry dandruff prone scalps: conditioning and moisturizing for both skin and hair. Yoghurt soothes, softens, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin: the lactic acid found in yogurt will tighten and soften the complexion as well. Not only will the antibacterial and anti -fungal properties of the yoghurt rid the face and skin of impurities, it acts by gently removing dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. Good for everyone and for super sensitive, and/or if you are eczema or psoriasis prone or Lemon if you like its refreshing scent. Simple!/p pbTry our Apple Silk Hair Rinse -/b an alternative to our best selling Apple Cider Conditioning Rinse, to remove the silicone plasticizers in commercial conditioners and the last residues of shampoo soap. /p100% Natural, Plastic Free 25+ Years, Cruelty-Free, Eco-Friendly, Recyclable, Travel & TSA Friendly, Biodegradable/p pRestores hair to healthy condition, relieves dandruff, helps hair grow strong, and perfect for transitioning to a shampoo bar. It brightens and softens, to leave hair cuticles roughened by washing, flat and smooth for maximum shine potential./p



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