Eczema Dermatitis & Dry Skin Moisturizer, Newborns to Adults, Lipid Replenishing Cream, Face & Body Treatment, Fragrance-Preservative-Paraben Free, by Pharmaceris, 75ml

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Our Clinically and Dermatologically Tested European formula is now available in the United States!

ow to Care for Dry and Dermatitis-Prone Skin/b>
Individuals with dry and atopic skin are advised to limit baths (particularly in chlorinated water), use soft towels, avoid woolen garments (tiny wool fibers cause continuous mechanical irritation to the skin), and, if necessary, use air humidifiers. Moisturizing products like our Pharmaceris Lipid Replenishing Cream, which reconstitute the levels of micro-flora and are free of any irritating components (such as fragrance additives) are essential. Apply the cream onto cleansed and dry skin a few times daily on areas requiring intensive care during periods of severe skin dryness and associated additional symptoms (i.e. itching, irritation and burning).

emp oil
anola oil
odium hyaluronate
mega acids 3, 6 & 9
or a complete list of ingredients, please see product photos

Free of colorants, preservative, parabens, and fragrances
Formula developed and tested in dermatological and clinical trials under the supervision of a team of dermatologists
Highly tolerated

To guarantee quality, our product is made in smaller quantities, therefore supplies may be limited. Order now and let us show you why our tested European formula is the best choice! --- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Made in Poland


Safe for newborns from the first day of life | ? Rich emollient formula repairs the skin's protective barrier, ensuring its proper function. Provides long-lasting lipid and moisture replenishment, reducing the feeling of discomfort and dry rough skin after a single use. | ? Canola and hemp oil provide soothing and anti-itch properties, and are medically effective in skin care against chronic and excessive dryness (also in atopic dermatitis). These substances stimulate repair of micro-damage in the skin, minimizing the risk of progression in locations prone to such lesions. | ? Sodium hyaluronate and hygroscopic moisturizing molecules restore proper hydration of the skin, replenishing water reserves in the epidermis. | ? Our cream restores comfort and relieves symptoms associated with skin lesions. Regular and comprehensive emollient care enables longer periods of remission and prevents relapses of atopic dermatitis.





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