Electric Air Balloon Pump Inflator, Portable Dual Nozzle 110V 600W Electric Balloon Blower Inflator With Mutipurpose Hose Extension and Nozzle

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ilin Electric Balloon Pump give you a perfect party!!! Decorate your party with an easy-to-use Electric Balloon Pump! Our electric balloon pump is designed with two operation modes: one automatic and one semi-automatic. Please choose the right mode for different balloons. If automatic mode is too fast, please choose semi-automatic(press-on) mode, which will avoid blowing balloons burst. ilin Electric Air Pump is a multi-purpose air pump inflator with 6 different Nozzles and extension hose, can be used for balloon, airbed, inflatable swimming pool, swimming ring, inflatable sofa, inflatable cushion, protecting bag and so on. When used for other products except latex Balloon, you need to use the extension hose and choose the suitable Nozzle. Product Specification: Material: ABS Color: blue+grey Power: 600W Plug: U.S Standard Plug, 110V Noise: 5dB Line length: 1640mm / 64.6in Item size: 7.5 * 5.5 * 5.1in Item weight: 2.0lb Package size: 7.9 * 6.9 * 6.2in Package weight: 2.6lb What will you get.1 set Electric Air Pump Machine .1 Pcs Multifucation Extension hose with 6pcs different Nozzles .1 Pcs balloon tying tool . Package: Gift box How to use: 1.Pinch two sides of mouth of balloon with your fingers 2.Cover balloon pump inflation port with balloon 3.Inflate balloon by pushing inflation port down 4.Release inflation port when balloon size is suitable ACT NOW! Try this electric air pump to find out how much time it can save you! [Notice] This pump can not be used for Animal balloon.


?Multi-purpose ?Extension hose with 6 Nozzles, Suitable for balloons, airbed, inflatable swimming pool, swimming ring, inflatable sofa, inflatable cushion, protecting bag and so on. | ?Light weight and portable design?Our air ballon inflator is super Compact! Only 2.5 pound. Portable handle design makes it easy to carry, you can take it anywhere. Upgraded cable storage room effectively avoid wire mess, keep the cable tidy and prevent damage. | ?Perfect for party, saving time?Our quality electric balloon pump can inflate hundreds of decorative latex balloons in super-fast time, commonly used in some activities/party /decoration/festival/celebration. Easily create a warm atmosphere. Totally safe to use, it fills balloons with AIR, NOT HELIUM or HYDROGEN which are potentially dangerous. | ?2 OPERATIONAL MODES?This user-friendly balloon pump machine offers both Semi-Automatic and automatic pumping modes with a fast but consistent inflation rate to prevent your balloons bursting. Input voltage: 100-120V, Frequency: 50/60Hz. | ?Vacuum air pump?Put the extension hose on the intake port, then this machine turned to a vacuum air pump and suitable for vacuum bag.









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