Ems for Kids Baby Earmuffs - White with Pink/White. Made in The U.S.A! The Original and ONLY Earmuffs Designed specifically for Babies Since 2009

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Ems for Kids baby earmuffs - the world's first, original baby hearing protection earmuffs. Now made in the USA! Ems for Kids patented the banded earmuff design when the product was first launched back in 2009, in Australia. Their unique, lightweight design ensures that pressure is more evenly dispersed around a child's head. Lightweight and compact, these baby earmuffs provide industrial grade hearing protection for the littlest ears. Ems for Kids baby earmuffs are the ONLY earmuffs available that are designed specifically for babies and meet both US (ANSI S3.19) and EU (EN:352-1:2002) safety standards


Compact & Lightweight (4oz) | Pressure Reducing, Interchangeable and size-adjustable Headband Design | Tested to U.S. (ANSI S3.19) and European (EN352-1:2002) Safety Standards | Designed in Australia - Made in the U.S.A. | 27 Decibel (dB) Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)



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