Eternal Automatic Twist Up Water Resistant Lip Liner - Easy Glide-on, Long Lasting and Non-Smudge Retractable Lip Pencil with Pigments and Professional Creamy Matte Finish (Wine)

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Obtain a precise line that will effortlessly give beauty, shape and definition to your lips!

Eternal Cosmetics brings you an easy twist up and down, no sharpening required, perfect on-the-go pencil.
Our automatic liner is waterproof and long lasting, soft to apply. It provides excellent coverage, giving you
a sophisticated look throughout the day, preventing feathering and increasing the longevity of your lipstick.


Rich, resistant color that stays in place up to 4 hours!

1. If you want to define a new shape, you can start by blending your foundation just over the edges of your lips
2. Starting from the center of the lips, slide in one direction and then slide in the opposite direction
3. Repeat for the upper lip
4. Apply your favorite lipstick
5. Remove any excess by gently pressing your lips to a dry tissue

To maintain product quality, do not store in a hot place or in direct sunlight.
Tightly fit the protector cap to prevent evaporation.

Keep in a dry, cool place!


VERSATILE, VERY PIGMENTED AND NON DRYING MATTE: Eternal Cosmetics has created a highly pigmented, creamy lip liner that glides on smoothly and evenly, does not get flaky or make lips feel dry. Our pencil will help you boost the color and longevity of your lipstick. Silky and elegant, our makeup provides a velvelty matte finish. It can be applied as a lip liner, as an all-over matte lip color or as a shade-intensifying tone. Our variety of shades has been made to complement most skin tones | NON-FEATHERING – PERFECTLY DEFINES, CONTOURS AND CREATES FULL LIPS: The slim and pointed tip gives you more control than a lip brush. It will help define your lips, allowing you to easily contour, add a plumping effect or even change their shape. It helps correct thin or uneven lips, so you can draw a new lip shape easily, adding more fullness where necessary. In addition, our automatic pencil will help your lipstick adhere to your lips better without bleeding or feathering, acting as a barrier | WATER RESISTANT – LONGWEAR – STAYS IN PLACE: No more naked lips during a date or in your party photos! Our mechanical lip liner has been formulated to be long lasting, defying humidity and staying in place. Our twist up pencil does not need regular touch ups – it will become your new favorite! | RETRACTABLE – EASY TO USE: With an advanced and easy to manage mechanism and self sharpening tip, our automatic lip liner is fast to apply and will expose only a bit of color at the tip, giving you more control and protecting the formula from drying out. You won´t need to carry around a sharpener ever again! | SKIN FRIENDLY: Wax based, contains no mineral oil, paraffin or animal derived ingredients. Dermatologist tested and approved. Product meets US, European & Japanese regulations. Not tested on animals. To maintain product quality, do not store in a hot place or in direct sunlight. Tightly fit the protector cap to prevent evaporation









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