Eye Slime Cool Putty - Non Sticky, Stress & Anxiety Relief, Wet, Super Soft Sludge Toy with an Eye Ball Inside - Party Favor for Kids and Adults - | Jumbo Pack of 48 PCS

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Your children will love playing, squeezing, and stretching with the non-sticky, wet and soft CHEFSLIME. Itl provide sensory stimulation, help with hand skills and will surely help some with concentration too. Super cool for adults too, to help relieve stress and anxiety of everyday life. ChefSlime Features: -Pack of 48 Different color eye slimes, with .5 oz each, having lots of slime to play with! -Super Fun, wet, and cool Slime -Non sticky - Keep your hand clean after poking, stretching and squeezing. -A surprise eyeball in each slime jar -100% Safe and non-toxic material Purchase ChefSlime RISK FREE, as if youe not 100% satisfied as guaranteed, you will be refunded for 100% of your order. Give it a try! NOTE:Please place your slime in the covered containers provided, when done playing, as leaving it out for too long, will dry the slime. Adding some water can rejuvenate slightly dried out slime.


JUMBO PACK OF 48 PCS - You will receive 48 Different colors super slimes in your package, with .5 OZ of slime per pack. | STRESS RELIEF - Great for adults and kids to HELP WITH CONCENTRATION, and relieve stress, from school, home or work by squeezing stretching and pulling the slime. | SUPER FUN FOR KIDS - ChefSlime will make a great party favor & great sludge toy for kids to play with, and have fun with! | SURPRISE EYEBALL INSIDE EACH CONTAINER - Everyone loves surprises! You child will be surprised to find an eyeball inside its jar while squeezing and playing around with it. It will give playing with slime a new and exciting twist! | NON-TOXIC 100% SAFE - ChefSlime is manufactured with environmental friendly material. It is ASTM, CPC Certified, making it Completely safe for Kids and Adults.









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