Eyebrow Powder Dark Brown - Natural Fill-in Eyebrow Makeup - Brow Power Water Resistant Includes Small Brush

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Eyebrow volumizing powder that will work perfectly with "Beauty Boss Professional Dual End Eyelash Comb Spoolie and Angled Eyebrow Brush."

Create fuller, natural more defined eyebrows. A liquid can shine, go on in "globs" or smudge. A very fine dry powder with a high color payout coats hair strands individually. It does not glisten, run or smudge, not even in the rain or when swimming. Frame your face with our all-day brow powders.

Powders provide a more uniform density than eyebrow pencils. It's much easier to get an overall consistent color and sculpt the perfect arch. You can transform your brows, sharpen your arch, extend your brow tail, fix misaligned brows or even cover up scars with our weightless powder.

What it does: Coating brow hair makes it look up to 1.5 times thicker. Available in beautiful natural colors which you can choose from to create dark sexy eyes for a night time look or softly blended for subtle definition for your daytime look. Angled nylon powder brush for precise application and blending shape which let's you shade & style like a pro. Framing your face has never been easier.

* Extreme long-lasting makeup

* Easy to apply

* Comfortable to wear

* Looks blended, natural and radiant

* Lasting hold without any stiffness

Our water resistant formula won't flake and isn't too shiny.

Available in multiple colors.

Dark Brown

Rich color, soft and smooth micro-fine powder for sculpting defining and creating precise brows. You can create a natural or dramatic look - it's up to you. A trick of the trade is that powder can be used as a water resistant eye liner. It's a healthy & safe alternative to permanent dyes and cost effective solution. Each jar lasts between 6-8 months. Please note that shipping packaging may vary.

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Eyebrow powders create fuller precisely shaped brows. Stays put for all-day wear. | Customize your perfect shade with this lightweight, sheer to medium powder coverage formula. | Easily form sculpted brow arches, define shapes and cover scars, gaps, sparse and bald patches with the angled mini applicator brush. | Strengthen sparse brows. Filler eyebrow color helps achieve a uniform density and shape even in humid climates. | Unisex filler Contains no mineral oil. A healthy & safe alternative to permanent dyes and eyebrow pencils.





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