FANDAMEI 12pcs Stocking Wig Caps, 6pcs Brown Skin Tone Stocking Caps& 6pcs Light Brown Stretchy Nylon Wig Caps for Women

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Why the stocking wig caps become the most popularized GREAT ELASTICITY - Stretchy enough to fit different head sizes and hair length. If you find the wig cap too tight on your head, please kindly stretch the elastic band or place it on your foam wig head for a few days to make it looser, which may bring you more comfort. EASY TO APPLY - Simple wearing steps save you a lot of time and effort. Please take time to read our ""Product Operation Warm Tips"" email to get the recommended wig cap wearing steps. SUPER BREATHABILITY - Thin, soft and comfortable nylon fabric makes your scalp stay cool and breathable, especially in summer time. PREVENT SLIPPAGE - Thick and wide elastic band helps hold your wig snugly and makes it not easy to slip off. Brown & Light Brown COLOR - According your skin color, choose flesh color that matches your skin tone perfectly and provide a natural looking. SOFT & THIN NYLON MATERIAL - Made of 100% superior nylon LIGHTWEIGHT - Makes you feel at ease when wearing wigs Warm Tips: 1.Because of the thinness of the stretchy nylon material, please keep anything SHARP away from the wig caps for better protection and ensure long terms of use. 2. If you have relatively long and sharp finger nails, we kindly suggest you to be cautious when using our wig caps. 3. And if you have pretty long and thick hair, we recommend that customers apply two wig caps at a time to create a greater sense of security. Product Details: Material: Elastic Nylon Color: Brown, Light Brown Quantity: 6 Pack (3 X 2 units per piece)


6 Pack wig caps- Package includes 6 pack nylon wig cap; each package has 2 caps in total | Comfortable and stretchable- This hair wig cap is made of soft, durable and stretchy nylon material, which makes you feel comfortable; One size fits most with good elasticity | Wide elastic band- Prevent wig cap and wig slippage, if you have long and thick hair, please make your hair in ponytail and pin them around your head as flat as possible before use it to make sure no hair falling out | Natural looking- Lightweight and ultra-thin which can put your hair in order naturally and trimly; Natural color will not be easily noticed and provide a natural looking | Convenient to use- Breathable, sweat-absorption and easy to use and wash; Help you hold your hair in place



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