Farting Happy Birthday Card From Two Sheep With Real Sounds - Fun Gag Gift For Kids And Adults - Plays Song When Opened

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If you want to make someone birthday even better, wee got the perfect solution! Our birthday card is guaranteed to make them laugh out loud, and your gift will be remembered forever! As soon as the glossy card is opened, a recording of the appy Birthdaysong is played complemented with real farting sound effects! What makes our novelty birthday card so uniqueThe moment the card is opened, the embedded sound file is triggered. iew the video in the section above (next to the pictures) to see and hear the demo for yourself! t the classic appy Birthdaysong with soothing chimes highlighted with over 70 FARTING NOISES on top of the music! he farting sound effects are synced and timed perfectly to match the rhythm and pitch of the song. Just the sound effects alone would match the appy Birthdaytune! he laughs and giggles will be nonstop throughout the whole song! Youl feel great knowing the card you gave made the birthday celebration even more special! Some more of the amazing features of our birthday cards: remium quality, designed in the US, made of high-quality paper, with a glossy print on the front and glossy finish inside (use the right pen!) ersonalize it, the card has plenty of space for you to write a personalized birthday message; atisfaction guaranteed, if you don love this birthday card wel give you a full refund, it a no risk deal; What you get: Farting Happy Birthday Card (6 1/8 by 6 1/8) Form Fitting White Envelope Battery for Audio Playback Built In Make a friend or loved one laugh out loud on their birthday!


VIEW THE DEMO VIDEO: Click on the video next to the pictures to see a 3D demo of the card opening with sound included! The same 30 second long audio file is played when the real card is opened by a friend or loved one! | HILARIOUS SOUND EFFECTS: When the “Happy Birthday” tune is played, over 70 GENUINE SOUNDING FART NOISES are play synchronously with the song. Some of the farts are short and cute while others are deep and yucky! It’s a collection of almost every kind! | INSTANT LAUGHS AND GIGGLES WHEN OPENED: If you’re tired of giving out bland birthday cards that end up in the trash as soon as they’re opened, and if you want to make that special someone laugh out loud on their birthday, this farting Happy Birthday card is the perfect solution! | PERFECT FOR KIDS OR THOSE WITH HUMOR: Kids usually love opening the present more than the accompanying card, but this item could change things! They’ll be laughing so hard they might even forget about opening their other presents. Most likely, the card will be opened and closed multiple times so that they can hear the funny sounds over and over again! | ENVELOPE INCLUDED: The 6 ¼ inch x 6 ¼ inch card with sound includes a matching white envelope that you can sign, seal, and deliver to the friend or loved one. When the envelope is opened to reveal the card, get ready for the big smiles and laughs!

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