FFG Keyforge: Worlds Collide Unique Deck Game Two-Player Starter Set

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The crucible is about to be shaken up in worlds collide, the third set for keyforge! In this continuation of the world's first unique deck game, two brand-new houses, the saurians and the Star Alliance, enter the fray as 284 new cards are seamlessly integrated into the existing card pool. With new houses come More new keyword abilities and new styles of play to create an entirely new collection of Archon decks for you to discover, explore, and master! The keyforge: worlds collide two-player starter set provides you with all the tools you need to either begin or expand your adventures on the crucible, including two unique worlds collide Archon decks, a quick start rulebook, two poster playmate, and all the keys, tokens, and chain trackers you and your opponent need to start playing!


Introduces two new houses to the world of the crucible | New pool of 405 cards creates opportunities for Synergy between both new and familiar cards and new keyword abilities introduce new ways to explore the tactical gameplay of keyforge | Fast-paced gameplay throws you into the action of your clashes on the crucible | Worlds collide Archon decks are equally Matched to stand against those of call of the Archon and age of Ascension | New poster playmats highlight art from the new houses while keeping your games organized and immersive









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