Firstfly Mushroom Air Cushion CC Cream, Moisturizing Concealer Makeup Base Primer Brightening Pigment BB Liquid Foundation (Natural)

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Product Information:

Name: Concealer Moisturizing Cushion

Color: ivory, natural

Specification: 15g

Shelf life: 3 years

Skin care factor: red ginseng, licorice, snow grass, mother chrysanthemum

Steps for usage:

1 After opening the cover, tear off the sealing sticker, visible bionic elastic film

2. Use a small mushroom three-dimensional puff, gently press the appropriate amount of material, a small amount of evenly pressed on the face;

3. The order of makeup, from top to bottom, evenly from the inside out, to create flawless watery skin.

4. In areas where local sputum is required, the modification can be pressed multiple times.


Mushrooms need to be polished at a high speed due to the special round shape. Tiny debris will enter the puff, so it is recommended to wash it 1~2 times before use. It will be more skin-friendly after applying makeup.


[Magic Air Cushion] - Q small mushroom air cushion, repairing beauty and one step in place. | [Highly Concealer] - Q sponge head, when it meets water, it becomes bigger and softer, portable, skin-friendly, no dead ends, and the whole process is not dirty. | [Smooth and Flawless] - Skin-friendly elastic bionic film, soft bionic film pressed out evenly smooth BB cream. | Ingenuity small mushroom puff stick, a small mushroom = make-up egg + brush + puff, make-up is a good helper. | [Waterproof and Long Lasting] - Naturally cover skin defects, Conceal fine pores, and create a natural moisturizing makeup.The product is fine and light, does not clog pores, allowing the skin to breathe freely.





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