Fisher-Price Fun Feelings Monster

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Monsters have feelings, too! Sometimes they're happy, sometimes they're sad, and sometimes they can be SURPRISED! With just a bat, the baby can send the little monster's roller face spinning and get to see what each feeling looks like and how it sounds. (The monster shows the baby that feelings can change quickly, too!) Plus, your little one will love how this monster feels his textured ribbon "hair" and soft, squishy arms are fun to touch! Where development comes into play: Sensory This little monster is sure to excite & engage the baby's senses with his bright pops of color, fun textures & different sounds! Listening Let those feelings out! Each expression plays a sound that helps reinforce the feeling, encouraging the baby to listen & respond. Emotions & Self-Expression It should be no surprise that this sweet face (or faces) & the sounds for each emotion help teach the baby about feelings!



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