FoxPrint Basketball Ball Pit - Toddler Ball Pit Tent - Sensory Ball Pit with Basketball Hoop & Zippered Storage Bag - 4'/120cm - Balls not Included

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Cosplay portable ball pits for toddlers: this fun ball outdoor and indoor ball pit allows your little one to explore and play in their own private area and even features a basketball hoop for added fun! A toy ball pit for toddlers is a wonderful investment for your child's development and play. These kinesthetic toys helps develop their tactical and visual skills, as well as focus and concentration, especially if you play by hiding a particular ball and asking them to find it. Throwing and picking up balls is also excellent for eye-hand coordination, and playing with others help develop your child's social skills. Durable, convenient, and portable unlike other pit balls for toddlers, this ball pit is very easy to set-up and even easier to store as it comes with its own storage bag so you can take it along with you to friends house, events and parties. Extremely durable, The robust fabric will not tear easily and is easy to wipe clean when dirty. Multi-purpose: This big ball pit is large enough that if you have the space in your house, you can double it for use as a large toy storage area and have a place to keep all of your child's other toys and belongings. Interesting for both children and pets, This pit can be used to improve both independence and coordination. Quality design the bright and colorful polka dot hexagonal design is attractive for babies while also improving their ability to recognize colors as well as physical coordination. Large enough to fit two small children and encourage sharing of toys and interactive play. Premium materials crafted from soft and easy to clean waterproof polyester fabrics with a robust steel frame. This outdoor/ indoor outdoor ball pit can be easily folded into a compact lightweight and convenient 18 cm diameter Package.


Ball pit with Basketball - create fun memories for your little budding basketball player! This Basketball hoop ball pit offers your child the chance to improve their hand eye coordination while having fun at the same time. Your little ones can toss a basketball through the hoop or relax in the ball pit. Please note that balls are not included. | Safe & fun - an excellent sensory exploration for both babies and toddlers alike, this ball pit play house allows your kids an independent space to improve their development through play and exploration. Easy and quick to assemble with non-toxic paint, This ball pit is designed to be sturdy while providing a safe place for fun. | Sensory toys for kids - kinesthetic learning toys are highly beneficial for a child's learning and development, especially at a young age. Playing in this tent ball pit can help stimulate your child's imagination, teach them color perception, and cultivate their independent thinking skills as they navigate throughout the pit. | Easy to store and clean - provide your little one with big fun with 4 foot ball pit for kids. Storage is an absolute breeze as each portable ball pit comes complete with an easy-to-use organizer in the form of a zippered storage bag. Simply wipe clean The pit and fold away into the storage bag after use. | Great for indoors and outdoors - this toddler indoor/ outdoor ball pit will entertain your children for hours at a time! Made using only high-quality materials, rest assured that this ball pits for kids will not tear so easily and can withstand rough and tumble as well as outdoor play.









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